About Us

Rattlecake Inc

Rattlecake Inc. came to life as a scramble of Dungeons and Dragons improvisation by a group of voice actors in their own campaign. Mr J. Rattlecake has been persistently appearing in various settings, always with a dubious accent, and always with amazing business opportunities (pyramid schemes) that the party could be a part of... Needless to say, he's been frustrated with the lack of enthusiasm from his also-fictious acquaintances and so he's made the executive decision to try his hand at reality-based venture.

Namely: DICE.

Taking a little from column A and a little from column B, he's resolved himself to finally bring a quality product to the market. Handmade, completely character custom click clack math rocks to knock your socks off! Forget regular old pretty dice, these will be **your** dice. Like Gollum to the ring, you don't have to share with anyone else in the world. Not even with halflings...


The Dice Goblins

J. Rattlecake's Dice Goblins are Charlotte and Callum, who have been making dice and playing TTRPGs for a very long time, and loving every second!


The ART.ificer

Jack is our resident mini and scenery specialist - master of the teeny tiny and super detailed!